A Visual Novel based on the World of H.P. Lovecraft

Original Writing

Original Music

1920s Photography

Slow Onset Horror

Female Protagonist

Multiple Choice


RPG Elements

About The Game

We present to your attention a choose-your-own-adventure visual novel computer game called "The Gift of Cthulhu" set in the dark and chilling world of H.P. Lovecraft. The game features our original writing, original horror music and loads of vintage public domain black and white period photography to bring in an authentic 1920s feel.

The game features multiple choices, multiple endings, sandbox and RPG elements. Our heroine, an ambitious and highly competent woman, arrives in Arkham to try and break into a medical career – after all, while the best hospitals and medical schools may turn their nose up at a top graduate merely because of her sex, a provincial town might want for good hands enough to be willing to put prejudice aside.

Armed with the recommendations of her professor of pathological anatomy, our heroine sets out to prove herself in a town that seems full of friendly strangers. Yet shades arise from her troubled past as she descends deeper into the terrible reality of Arkham.

The game is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

We have decided to release the first chapter for free, as a demo and you can download it here on this website.


Support Us

We're a team of coders, artists, producers and writers creating visual novels and choose-your-own-adventure text games in our free time.

This project requires a lot of time and energy from coders, designers, writers and musicians and we want nothing more than to move forward faster, but alas, we all must spend our days in unrelated toil, for even the most dedicated cultist must have enough filthy lucre for appropriate sacrifices to the Elder Gods.

We have chosen to use Patreon and ask for your support. Enough support, however, would let us turn this project into our job.

Then we will dedicate our days and nights to weaving spells to bring this tale out from the abyss of ideas and into the light of true embodied manifestation as quickly as our dark rituals will allow us.

We are ever so grateful for your support – and we hope to see you in Arkham, somewhere between its glistening hotels and its morbid destitute outskirts. There are, after all, so many secrets to discover...

Music, text and original art in the game is copyright Snow Tiger Games © 2017. Photographs and images were obtained for this game through image sharing sites where it is a breach of the ToS to upload copyrighted material. If, however, you do discover images in this game of which you are the copyright holder, please inform the author who will promptly remove them from the game in compliance with the DMCA. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at